Convert your playlists from Spotify to YouTube.

With Tubetify you can generate Youtube video playlists from your Spotify track lists and share them with your friends.

  1. Select the songs from your Spotify list

    You can select them one by one using Ctrl+click, or take all of them with 'Select all' command ( Ctrl+A )

  2. Copy the Spotify URIs

    Once you have selected the tracks from the playlist you want to convert, click the secondary button of your mouse and select the option'Copy Spotify URI' from the dialog menu. ( Ctrl+C will also work )

  3. Paste the URIs on the Textarea

    Now paste on the adjacent textarea the Spotify URIs you just copied ( Ctrl+V ). The textarea should look now filled with lines from the Spotify URIs for every Spotify song.

  4. Generate the playlist and enjoy it

    Click the Convert button and let Tubetify to generate the new video playlist from your songs.